Wish: Better control over Magic Trackpad and Mouse

First of all, I want to acknowledge the work for Rhino for Mac. I switched back to the Mac when Rhino for Mac was released. I used Rhino on a Windows for many years and I thought the UI of the Mac Version has great potential, though I think there’s still room for further improvement.
For instance I wish I could have more control over the Input devices, especially the Trackpad and Mouse

I tried the gestures on a trackpad. It’s not as good as a Space Mouse, but it comes close (for zoom, pan, etc).
It would be very nice, if one could use the Magic Trackpad in conjunction with the Magic Mouse.
The main problem: I cannot configure the devices separately.
When using the Magic Mouse I mostly turn of gestures, because zooming with it is very frustrating.
On the other hand, without gestures the trackpad is useless, because I think most people prefer a mouse over a trackpad for standard CAD tasks.
With the ability to configure both separately I could do something like this for instance:

(Magic) Trackpad: Gestures turned on, so I could use it to zoom (pinch to zoom), rotate (one finger), pan (tow fingers), special commands (double tap with two fingers)
Magic Mouse: Gestures turned off. Used mainly for Standard Mouse tasks.

You could think of many other configurations, but the crucial point is, that you need to configure them separately.


  1. You could use one „extra“ device besides the mouse for all your apps. At present I have to decide which device to use, the Space Mouse or the Magic Trackpad, depending on the Application. Furthermore I could get rid of another Input device.
  2. This would not only improve the desktop experience, but also on mobile devices when using the built in trackpad in conjunction with a mouse. Plus you’d have an appropriate Spacemouse substitute without yet another device to carry with you.


I’m not sure yet what we can do about this, but I wanted to ask a clarifying question: could your request be summarized by saying that you want a mode where the Trackpad only does view manipulation? Am I understanding you correctly?

Yes. But that’s just the first thing that came to my mind. I’m quite certain, that one can think of many other features, like using special gestures to trigger certain commands. I found all those two and three finger gestures to be more practical to use with the trackpad than the magic mouse. It would be nice to configure the trackpad separately in preferences, like the space mouse. If I activate/deactivate a feature it always applies for both.