Mac Mouse Settings

Does anyone have any advice on how to set the Rhino settings up to work best with an Apple rodent?

Whenever I move the mouse, I end up suddenly zooming.

I have no problem using the trackpad with my notebook.

I actually found using my trackpad on my macbook pro easier to use than an apple magic mouse, you have to play with your settings in system preferences/mouse, it was kind of ok for me, but I soon reverted to my trackpad and even a standard scroll wheel mouse was better, saying that the apple mouse is fine for rendering in keyshot !

You have a couple options that you can change in Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse > Magic Mouse.

  1. Uncheck “Enable Magic Mouse gestures”. Rhino will ignore any drags on the top surface of the mouse.

  2. Check both “Enable Magic Mouse gestures” and “Scroll with one finger…”. Dragging on the top surface of the mouse will rotate or pan the view rather than zooming it.