Wish: Autosave with at least 3 seconds delay

Hello, is it possible to make Autosave work only if at least 3 seconds passed after the last command? Or even better, can you add a number counter that will show up somewhere on the screen (or next to the mouse pointer) that warns the user that Autosave will come in several seconds (such like: Autosave in 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds)?
Currently, I see that if I run some command and it’s time for Autosave to do its job (lets say every 10 minutes), it will run immediately after a command is finished, which is kind of annoying while I scale an object or drag some control point or object and then Autosave disrupts the initiated action, resulting in unwanted modification or having to use Undo.

I think you can put Autosave as a command in the “Idle Processor” section of options and set a delay. Maybe then you can just turn off the automatic autosave function and let the idle processor time decide when you are not doing anything for a certain time to run autosave… Haven’t tried this though.

The problem with “Idle processor” is that it may invoke Autosave very often, which heavily reduces the live of an SSD. On the other hand, if I set 10 minutes idle time for Autosave, then it may not run for hours during long sessions. The idea of Autosave is to save a back-up copy at equal time periods, and that proved to save the hard work of many Rhino users during the years. But my idea was to make it a bit smarter and be able to “wait” for a few moments so that it will not interrupt current actions.

Why or how does running autosave reduce the life of an SSD drive? There are no moving parts.
I have the IncrementalSave command in the Idle Processor set to 300 secs. It’s a kludgy work-around but it’s save me on more than one occasion.

The SSD’s life span is reduced a lot over several scenarios, such like when Windows makes constant memory swaps, or if programs (like Rhino) write autosaves too often (especially when the file is 1-2 GB or bigger in size), or if it’s used to write data from security camera or torrent program. For example, while working with a Rhino file that’s 1,5 GB with meshes, each autosave that uses “Save small” (i.e. only NURBS geometry without the rendering meshes) takes about 440 MB. For an autosave set to run every 10 minutes that means 6 times x 440 MB each = 2,64 GB per hour of written data. For a working session of 8 hours or 12 hours per day this is nearly 21,12 GB or 31,68 GB respectively. If the autosave is set to run every 300 seconds i.e. 5 minutes, this effectively doubles these numbers per day.

Maybe the 3 seconds delay of Autosave will be implemented in Rhino 7? :slight_smile:

Sorry, Bobi, but it’s still not implemented in Rhino 7. :wink: