Script Request - Idle Auto Save

can some please recommend/write/code a script to "periodically run the “saveas” command after a set time (ie. 5min, 30min, etc) ?

no - i don’t want to use an external reminder app from microsoft

i simply need to have this script trigger “_saveas” no matter what im doing

thanks guys

Problem is, you can’t have scripts running in the background and be doing other things… But Rhino already has more or less what you want -

Put your _SaveAs in theOptions>Idle processor section box and set a time…

i know about the idle

i want it to run similar to Rhino’s auto-save timer - BUT i want it to run saveas

So is your ultimate objective to have each successive Save(as) file created with a unique name so none is overwritten? Otherwise, I don’t get why the builtin timed autosave isn’t working for you.

yes, u can say that. i want the option to overwrite or save as or etc or etc

i simply want the saveas to run every 5 or 10 min

I would STRONGLY challenge your use of SaveAs.
Yes, it will make a new file, but it makes the new file the Current file as well.
I doubt you want to do that.

Based on your comments, I think you want to use IncrementalSave instead.
This makes a new file in the same folder as the current file (like SaveAs), it concatenates a incrementing number to the end of the file, but unlike SaveAs, it leaves you in your CURRENT file.

Then you will have a clean copy of your file with a unique name in the event of a problem.

Well… IncrementalSave leaves you in the newly named file - it does not save a copy and keep you in the original file - this was a gripe of mine for years but when we changed the behavior, sometime in the V5 period, it caused all kinds of horrible things for users who depend on the current behavior. A new command was added as a test


which allows saving of the current state to a new file on disk but keeps the current file open. I like this better myself but we recently discovered it is broken in V6… It has been fixed, I think for 6.7, possibly 6.8. The dash version of testFileSnapshot has lots of goodies to let you specify how the file naming and incrementing should be handled, and the normal non-dash command just does it with no questions asked. The trick for @jean77flip will be getting this on a timer, assuming that behavior is what he wants.


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Crap! Really?

i am famiiar with your point

we all have our own work style

i drive my car a certain way - you drive a certain way - we all end up the same destination in our models

i simply want to know if i can have save as pop up the same way as autosave


i use incremental in a pop up and a hotkey

i need an automated script for saveas to run every 5 min

Perhaps it’s time to show the testFileSnapshot command some respect by adding it’s features to the AutoSave options, or making it an alternative to AutoSave on the backup menu that Jean circled in a previous post?

It sounds so far as if the important modifications to AutoSave would be:

-Allow more flexibility in file naming and incrementing
-Choice to remain in current document

along with AutoSave’s current timed background save capability, it should provide Jean (and many other users) with what he wants without a need for special scripts.

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Can you add the Rhino version for -testFileSnapshot ?
Sometime I need Rhino5 version files.