What's up with AutoSave?

I just had a crash because of Neon, and I have AutoSave on as default: “save every 20 minutes”.

I went to the location and see that the last autosave is from 13:51 and the file was last saved 13:31. That is 20 minutes.
But the crash was at 15:20.

I had used Rhino in between, but I had also used another instance of Rhino + had a coffe break.

So why did Rhino not autosave in between? Does it have an internal setting that says “if nothing is done then do NOT save”? and if something then is done RESTART timer?

It makes sense that Rhino should not overwrite the backupfile every 20 minutes if Rhino is idle, but I think the setting page needs a bit of clarification on how this works.

I’ve had the same issues. It seems random as sometimes the autosave file is there and other times not.
It would be good to have some clarification.

I believe autosave timing to tied to each running instance of Rhino and not to the time that an autosave file was last written. If you start Rhino, shut down after 10 minutes, and immediately restart Rhino you won’t get an autosave file 10 minutes after you restart Rhino; more likely 20 minutes after the restart.

Yes, autosave also includes the logic to not save if nothing has changed.

Yes, that makes sense, but I did not close Rhino. I worked with it after the autosave, and at least 10 minutes before the crash. So does it “pause” the autosave timer every time that instance of Rhino is not the active program?

I don’t know. @JohnM would know, but he is on vacation this week.

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So today I had a blue screen whilst using Rhino. I had just saved the file and have savetime was set to 10 mins.
The crash corrupted the last file I saved and there is no autosave to be found??

Am I doing something wrong with the autosave settings? Every other software I use (MAX, AUTOCAD) saves a number of autosave files so you always have 2 or 3 saved files to go back to. Rhino doesn’t seem to cover you for unpredictable crashes,

Please sort this or advise if there’s another way to setup the autosave.

Ok, so I found the 3dmbak file in the same folder as the corrupt drawing file which is great, but this was only created because I had recently saved the file during my work progress. If I hadn’t have done this I would have lost all the data because the autosave didn’t work.

It would be good to have the autosave system similar to 3ds Max. I have been using this for years and It’s never let me down.

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I did some poking around and the auto-save timer currently gets set when a document is marked as modified which means an object has been added, deleted or modified and gets turned off upon completion of a successful auto-save or when the document is marked as not changed (after a save of some sort or when a new model is opened).

Ok, but then my Rhino instance should have saved during the time it stood still, as I had altered stuff after the last autosave, before I let Rhino “rest” for half an hour.

Could Undo affect this in any negative way?

If anything running undo should cause the document to get modified which should in turn make sure the auto-save timer is set. I will run some tests to confirm this.

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So again Rhino autosave fails us.

A colleagues pc crashed due to a power out whilst using Rhino.
His autosave was set to 10 minutes but there are no autosave files there??? He hadn’t saved for quite a while thinking the autosave would cover him for backups but it didn’t.

This is a major flaw in Rhino. McNeel please can you sort this problem. Quickly.

Can we have multiple autosave files similar to AutoCAD & MAX in case files become corrupt on crashing (as often happens)

Belt and braces please.

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