Wish: Auto align Gumball to the visible part of the Object

I think it would be much more pleasant to navigate if Gumbal would align to the center of the visible part of the Object. The bigger the part of the geometry is clipped, the more unpredictable rotation becomes.

Did this ever happen to you?

There’s an option to rotate the view around the gumball. Right click the gumball options on the bottom status bar.


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Hi, This is the setting I’m using.
Gumball is placed in the center of the Object even if Object is in 90% clipped. One can argue, that Gumball placement is important for scaling and sure I can imagine someone would scale the mostly invisible object.
Maybe there should be another option for camera rotation around objects? I know it looks like some kind of exception from the rule, but the thing is sometimes this is a very common scenario. Also, in RH8 Clipping Planes are getting a bit improved so this can happen more frequently.

I see.

I think (and I’m sure it doesn’t exist, but could probably be turned into a plugin) would be to have hotkey+mouse click on an object, and it would change the current viewport camera target to the area that was clicked on. It wouldn’t manipulate the gumball, but could also be programmed do do so.

That would resolve your issue. I have done something similar in grasshopper before, but not sure how efficient it would be to work in rhino.

Alternative to the gumball orbiting, you can orbit around the mouse cursor by holding “Shift+Ctrl+Right Mouse”

This is similar behavior to how SketchUp orbits if I recall correctly.

In Rhino 8 WIP you can also set this to default functionality.

Here is the command:


A subselection of what’s visible of the object and the clipping plane should result in a Gumball roughly in the center of your selection. I have not tested with anything other than a long extrusion.

I didn’t know about that at all. Great tip!
Thank you very much.

That might be a good workaround, only that it’s sometimes annoying to quickly pick the desired subobject.

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AMAZING! That feels so much more natural! @wim can you lobby so this becomes default AND it gets a toggle option at the mouse panel: (For those who would like to turn it off for some strange reason)