RH8: Gumball alignment of the copied object loses its position

In Rhino 7 copy of the object preserves the custom placement of the Gumball, in Rhino 8 WIP does not.

By the way, I would like to bring these two topics back to life. Rhino recently made some moves to improve quick modeling by adding Push Pull.
After several years from posting these two problems are still standing. Solving them would further improve quick conceptual modeling, especially in architecture where you often arrange and modify multiple similar objects.

Relocating Gumball key combo issue:

In Rhino 7 if you want to relocate Gumball you need to hold ctrl key only at the start, as you start dragging the Gumball you can release the key. In Rhino 8 WIP you need to hold ctrl it until you finish relocating.
It gets uncomfortable quickly, especially if you need to relocate the Gumball to someplace which is better visible from other camera angles. To relocate Gumball and rotate the view you need to hold ctrl, shift, RMB, LMB at the same time!
We got some clear regressions in that area.

Rhino has quite a lot of those “as long as you hold the key, then something” and sometimes it’s tiring and prone to error. In this case, I like the behavior from Rhino 7 more.