WISH: Attach Camera to Clippingplane

We need the ability to lock the camera to the clippingplane so we can see the section in 1:1 head on when the clippingplane is rotated.

Pretty Please?

Hi Jorgen - would you see this implemented as a named view option? ‘attach to plane’ …


Hi Pascal,
hmm… yes I think that makes sense.

It would need the options to keep C0,0,0 aligned with W0,0,0 and also have a “Roll lock” to prevent the camera from loosing XY alignement. This would be great for Top, Front and Right view as well, so it makes sense to have it as a viewport option.

It couls also be a user friendly “double click” to zoom in and lock to the clippingplane. With a c-plane lock icon next to the viewport name.

Just a thought: how about being able to group the view widgets with other objects?
This way not only what Jorgen is asking could be accomplished but also we could have objects/picture frames etc. view-dependent and change position/stay in view as the camera rotates. Kind of View-based layout style…
Obviously this would require making the widgets into regular Rhino object category, with all its implications.


That could work and the camera widget is in need of a proper makeover.
Still I would need to zoom in and pan while aligned to the C-plane though.
So I wote for both options!