Help with camera

any tips for a new user?

  1. when i’m trying to locate the camera, it is jumping to odd locations, often out of frame – any tips on being somewhat accurate with the camera?
    (this is for an architectural interior space. I’ve been trying to manipulate one control point at a time in a 4-viewport setup)

  2. is there a way to control the camera clipping planes?

  3. is there a way to lock roll control? (i keep mistakenly clicking on it, and, in my line of work, i cannot imagine ever needing to roll the camera)



sometimes, the clipping plane gets moved to a spot where it prevents the camera or target from moving. I try to move the camera, for instance, and the clipping plane prevents it from proceeding further, and, somehow, as I move the mouse, the target gets pushed out into the middle of nowhere

all snaps are off

Hi Adam - how are you manipulating the views? are you using f6/``Camera>Show` to get at the controls?


yes, i am

HI Adam - these camera points just do not always behave correctly with dragging and some of the regular transforms - that’s been tuned up in V6 but that will not help you for now. Gumball works pretty well on camera points.

There is no control for clipping planes in the camera.

How are you getting roll? So far here, fiddling the camera points do not roll it.

If the camera gets too close to the target, normal zooming and panning can stall out - use Zoom Target to help sort that out.


the roll control point is directly in line with the target point so i’m constantly clicking on it mistakenly…not sure if this has been frustrating for others but, for me, it’s a design flaw and should not be so easily mixed up with the target IMHO

i found the viewport properties panel and that has helped a bit with controlling the camera numerically


pascal, i do appreciate your help and input. thank you!