Wish..an ability to pick rails with a combine option in surfacing commands

I dont think this exists,

I am sure we have all experienced the fact that when picking rails or curves for sweeps or networkSrf, we find ourselves having to duplicate curves and join or trim/split them to get a dedicated set just for the one surface, a model with one curve per surface edge soon becomes a model with three or more curves, each one suited to a particular surface.

It also leads to moving up and down a list until the particular curve we need shows up,and with the highglighted curve being 1 pixel its sometimes tricky to see a difference between one and another choice.

What if the command said…select curves (plural !!!) for first rail, then hit enter, then select curves for second rail, then hit enter, rhino joining them together in a virtual way to use them for the rails. We could cut up the curves beforehand and have just one curve still as originally created, rather than have to duplicate curves and edit to create a set per surface.


Chain Edges.

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Yes, also SelChain, where ChainEdges is not explicitly available at the command line. Keep in mind that NetworkSrf cannot offer continuity other than position on chained surface edges.


I see this in sweep2, and it works on the rails, but a profile in two parts has no chain option, and picking them sees fail.
it worked if just rails need chaining
NetworkSrf has no chain option, experiments with a two part rail and a two part profile fail…

is SelChain typed into sweep2 or NetworkSrf during it being run ?

How does one tackle a 2piece profile in sweep1 or Sweep2 or 2 piece rail or profile in NetworkSrf, …what are the steps ?


Sweep2 cannot chain section curves, NetworkSrf can though - type Chain before you pick the first segment in the chain, and keep an eye on the command line- when the chain is done, Enter to accept the chain, use Chain (or SelChain) again for the next set of chained curves to use.


I shall experiment when I get 5 mins.
I also find myself needing to pick half a curve , e.g I have a U shaped curve made from two separete elipses joined at the quad base, and need it as two halves for two separate sweeps., to have the ability for the command to sort of explode it and allow me to pick half of it would be useful !