Will we see a 3-Rail Sweep Command Soon?

this is big on my wishlist.

the ability to have sweep a surface with a third rail

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I use NetworkSrf in cases where I might use a 3-Rail Sweep. It always give me what I need.

Are you expecting a different answer than you get with NetworkSrf… or just a different interface… or different controls?

Or are there cases that just don’t work.


im very aware of the networksrf command. i use it alot to make complex surfaces

im specifically asking about a 3-rail sweep

Could you specifically then give examples where the NetworkSrf does not work as you expect a 3 Rail Sweep would?

Again, why? What would be different? The output, the interface, options???

I have a hard time convincing the developers to work on something that they think they already provide.

Probably the only advantage over NetworkSrf would be ability to specify just one profile curve.

I can think of two or 3 examples perhaps -

  1. a 3 rail sweep with only one profile. NetworkSrf needs at least 2 profiles in each direction to work correctly.

  2. NetworkSrf often can make surfaces with a lot of knots. Sweeps used to be that way too, but some options such as “simple sweep” were added which can make far nicer surfaces in many cases.

  3. Perhaps Add Slash to control direction

Perhaps the above scenarios could also be added to NetworkSrf, though. It also needs a preview without a Preview button (as do a number of other commands).


if i wanted to sweep a close oval to three curves. its not possible.

here’s one reason

And if you use Sweep1 choosing the oval as a rail and the green curves as section curves, would this do it?

Is that a case for Sweep1?

Yes. I agree that NetworkSrf could us a bit of a tune up. Is that a better place to spend time than on Sweep3, Sweep4, and Sweep-N?

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One problem with NetworkSrf is that it refits everything - you cannot have kinks in the input curves and have these show in the surface for instance. It’s just not made to do that- pay attention to the input curve structure like Sweeps.


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Hi Bob

This is a big wish of mine as well.
I had dozens scenarios that network couldn’t deliver
the shape and the precision.

here is one of them

Simonsweep3 vs network.3dm (475.3 KB)

Here is another one.
see the differences at the produce sections.

sweep3 vs network b.3dm (403.7 KB)

Hi sbo - just fyi, you can edit a previous post, e.g. to add a file.


Thanks Pascal.
I didn’t used to good things yet.

Did you know you can delete a post?


that’s not what i’m looking for.

i want to sweep the oval with these 3 rails, and the oval has to be the cross section

i have come across many instances were i needed a third rail to influence the surface

and NO… networksrf doesn’t help

if it’s not something you guys plan to develop, then i can live without it


I’ll +1 That wish, for all the reasons mentioned above.

why not remove sweep 1 and 2 and just go for sweep where you can simply select the amount of rails and profiles,…