Why this test piece NetworkSrf fail .....wish we had sweep 3 rail?

V4 and V5
Is there a Sweep for more than 2 rails ?

I see others have asked for such, so by now there must be a reason to not have this.
I could have had this done in seconds with such.
No doubt NetworkSrf is going to be suggested but I have spent one and a half hour getting nowhere with it.

see V4 simple test piece example attached.

I select my profile curves, then hit enter, I select the three ‘rails’ for these as per the commandhelp video and hit enter
I then get asked to select first curve in first direction,
it immediately then says 'select next open curve.Press enter for second direction.

Whats this ? I continue to select the other two working across the shape as per video.
I hit enter.
It says Select first curve in second direction.
havent a clue what that is, commandHelp doesnt say, it has ABCD fleetingly at the end but no explanation to these.
so I hit enter and nothing happens.
YouTube of Linda sees a dialog box appear, I dont get that either.

at the stage for selecting the ‘rail’ (first curve as it calls it) I have tried selecting just my first ‘rail’ then hitting enter.

I also tried selecting two then enter and select the third.
tried all ways.

I have created carefully a test piece (attached) in the likeness of my serious project to ensure all rails are touching profiles. The side rail is dead straight in this whilst my true piece is of straight line and not 100% straight. The profiles being based on non CAD ancient drawings ! I need something that works if all 3 rails are straight line segments or curves.

It fails same way.

Sweeping a rail or 2 or 3 is so easy.


Issue_Skin_Fuselage_NetworkSrf_v2.3dm (26.0 KB)

Hi Steve,

I get a network surface as shown by selecting all your curves at once. Does that work for you?

select all of it then NetworkSrf.
work fine for me.

[edit] that’s what (s)he said!

Hi, I tried that folowing your success on my serious piece and hey presto it worked. I even got the dialog box up.

I then wonder if I can improve on the skin .

I try again and all sorts of twists result. no dialog box shows either !

I cannot repeat my first result.

I carefully select in one direction, than start at one edge and work my way from around from base to top.

Glad I saved the first one !

I was though originally following the CommandHelp video and the steps in the command line, and need to know why such fails me.
Chap in Linda.com for robot foot does the same and it works for him.

Good to know that did it in one selection, but it does say select profiles, then hit enter.



Hi Steve. I am the chap who did the Lynda course on Rhino 5. The Surface from Curve Network command is so important that I devoted an entire chapter to it, so you might want to watch the six videos in Chapter 12. I created quite a bit of theory and background so people would find it easier to use. Chapter 12, Video 1 Requires an account to watch, but if you’re not a member, here’s a 7-day free trial.

This material is all new from my Rhino 4 course, so I am always interested in feedback from any of the experts here.

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Hi Schultzeworks,
Many thanks for the free trial.

I shal take up that chance.

just now though I am spending all hrs inc easter on a deadline, so not sure if viewing this I have time for,

due to losing time on getting it to work, so maybe I need somehow to find time !

Whats the total running length ?

Sweep 3 rail though would be also useful.


The entire course is 7 hours 10 minutes. It is broken up into 90 separate videos so that you can focus on whatever is needed. It is also designed for the first-time beginner so, if you watch it in order, every feature will be thoroughly explained as you go along.

This video course is actually about the same amount of material we cover in my college classroom in two full semesters. It should get you up to speed pretty effectively.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions for suggestions on how the course could be better. I appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad.

Hi again,
for the networkSrf , what is the running time ?

It looks like 42 minutes 02 seconds total for Chapter 12. You can check out a lot content without joining; every course will have 10% free as a preview. Or, just look at the chapter and video titles to get an idea.