Sweep 2: option "chain edge"

Why in the command “sweep 2” does not appear the option “concatenates the edges” for the second track? (This option is visible only for the first track). It would be pointless to add it to the choice of the second track?
Let me know, maybe I’m wrong. Thank you.

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Good question davide. I believe the logic here is that if you are going to chain edges in either the first or second rail selection you would indicate that before beginning to pick the rails. If for instance you had only one curve or edge desired for the first rail, you could disable autochain in the command line for the first rail selection even though you told Rhino you wanted to chain edges. Then for the second rail selection, you can enable autochain or just continue picking.

It does work differently, however, to BlendSrf, which does offer ChainEdges on both the first and second edge selection. For me personally, I would like to see ChainEdges available for the second rail.

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Yes, that’s one of the funny things about Rhino, where the same principles of diffeent commands use the UI in a different way. :smiley:

Another WISH : Add two buttons called “Add profile” and “Remove profile” to the “Sweep 2 rails”, “Sweep 1 rail” and “Network surface” windows, in order to be able to add or remove profile curves on the go. Sometimes the user may miss to add (or want to exclude) some curve and having to select all the curves and/or surface edges (especially if manual picked chain selection is used) is a tedious process. Another plus for having these buttons would be that the user will be able to directly compare the results in the preview wireframe while trying different number of curves.

It’s tough to suggest complicating any of these otherwise nice and simple tools. I know what you mean though. Even just suggesting the idea of chainedges on both rails fills me with possible dread that it could be over complicating things.