WISH v7: RailRevolve with multiple profile curves

It could be an evolution / improvement of the “RailRevolve” command: make a revolution by selecting multiple profile curves (currently the command manages only one profile curve).
(I am aware that in this case a network curve can be used, a sweep2, dividing the curves circular in three parts, but it becomes more laborious to do, and the continuity between the parts?).
I would like to point out that such a command exists in “Solidthinking” (the name of this commands is: RadialSweep)… not to copy, but to have a more chance to create complex forms with more easily …

multirailrevolve.3dm (33.7 KB)



Sweep 2 do the job, take the 2 Circles as rails, and red curves as profils , check maintain height and closed sweep, done.

Cyber, maybe I’m wrong example, do not consider a circumference, it would be easy but a generic form like this:

will making the organic close curve not also work as sweep2 rail?

If I’m wrong, the sweep2 problem is that it works with just two curves at a time and the curved shape at the base should be split into parts, so you have portions of surfaces, or not?
(Perhaps it would be best to try the form suggested in the example above (solidthinking).

Sorry I’m typing from iPhone…
Hmm… I thought you can either set it to close or have it open. Need to check… can’t recall…

So splitting would be cumbersome right?
I find splitting edges to be a bit tricky sometimes…

I do not want to do useless comparisons, always the usual, but Solidthinking has many commands to create surfaces compared to Rhino (or are redundant or really useful, I would not know …). For curiosity you could also control yourself …