WISH: Add surfaces complex, solid (prism) and another curves



Add surfaces and solids to the list of primitives:

  • Quadratic surfaces: “paraboloid” (elliptic and hyperbolic) and “hyperboloid” (single-roof).
  • Prism with triangular base, square, pentagonal, hexagonal etc. (similar to the pyramid construction).
  • Polygonal tubular shape (only the circular one exists.) Why not insert a polygonal?)
  • sinusoidal curve and logarithmic spiral

(Many CAD do not have these elements. Rhino would be an exclusive!)

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @davide76,

Rhino does have a Paraboloid command. Rhino does not have a Hyperboloid. But it does have a Hyperbola command. It might not take much to write a script to run this command and then Revolve the results.

Download and install RhinoPolyhedra. Once installed, run the Polyhedron command and select the Prisms and Antiprisms type filter.

Run the Polygon command and use the AroundCurve option. Then use Sweep1 to create your polygonal pipe.

I’m sure scripts have been written that create these shapes. Let me know if you cannot find one.

– Dale


Thanks Dale.
It could be a native command for rhino 7. (also Grasshopper was a plug-in for Rhino 5, then it was included natively in Rhino 6).

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi @davide76,

What part of above are you asking about?


– Dale


Excusme Dale: RhinoPolyhedra.


Dale, congratulations for the development work you are doing! I admire your direct relationship with the user. Many of my requests have been taken into consideration, since the times of Rhino 4.
Perfect work!


Dale, I installed RhinoPolyhedra (for Rhino 6).

Why some polyhedra, star-shaped ones, for example, do not have a “solid” option?
With these polyhedra it is not possible, for example, to be able to perform Boolean operations (you would have to find the intersections, split and join all, very laborious operation).