Modelling Polygonal Prism, Crystal Shape in Rhino as Poly Surface

I’d Like to model this shape in rhino as a poly surface. I’ve tried doing it as a mesh by drawigna curve wireframe and appending faces to that, but as it’s a mesh all rendering software smooths away the creased edges. and it’s impossible to split for sections and exploded renders. Any help will be welcome as i’ve been battling with shapes like these ever since i started using rhino. i’m sure the solution is simple i just can’t seem to figure it out.

What part of this shape is most difficult for you? The shell command will create this type of solid. You can also use offset surface and crate your own cap. Short video showing this below.

Hi flamelibby,

Try the command _Unweld to create creases rendering for the faces:


wow thanks for that. what i found difficult was actually building the shape, as i had a wireframe to start with. that’s why the append face command was so tempting to you use. it allowed me to follow the vertex of the already prepare wireframe

Thanks Willem. This is very useful for me right now :slight_smile:

How about using the LOFT command?
loft.3dm (91.9 KB)

Wow thanks what curves did you loft to get that, that’s exactly what i’m after

Draw 3 hexagons either with the polygon tool or the polyline tool. Move them the correct distance apart and LOFT between them. Then run the CAP command to close the ends.


Well that was stupendously easy. I’m pretty sure i tried that in the past, and for some reason it wasn’t satisfactory. Thanks D.