BlendSrf history and editing

In the WIP from yesterday (2 June), there is history support for BlendSrf.
Also, the Edit command line option allows you to pick a surface made with BlendSrf with history on
and re-enter the BlendSrf command to change some of the settings from when the surface was made.


That will be huge for my workflow!

I like it so much!! Well done @lowell !!
… and keep working on surface features!

Nice @lowell ! One comment, maybe the original blendsrf can get a ghosted and possibly selection colored highlight when using edit. Right now it’s difficult to see the edited one versus the original.

Maybe it would be better to only show the new surface while editing is happening.
What do you think?

I think that is right- just show the current surface, not the original.


That should be fine and it’s consistent with how editing fillets works.