Wish: Add a ".0001" scale factor to the "MoveUVN" toll

Wish 1: I often find it impractical that the smallest default scale factor of the “MoveUVN” tool is .001, because fine tuning the control points to achieve angle tolerance of 0,01 angle or less requires far less movement across the normal direction (N). Writing the 0.0001 scale factor manually is slow and inconvenient, especially to those who use a 3d mouse with their other hand.

Wish 2: My other wish is to add a tickbox named “Snappy sliders”, which lets the user take advantage of those tiny vertical scale lines along the 3 sliders. Enabling that option should force each slider to snap to the nearby scale line, which could be crucial to those who want to move the sliders in a more predictable way rather than moving it by some random distance. Currently, each slider is divided into 8 portions, meaning that there are 4 portions in each direction equal to 1/4 of the scale factor. For example, as scale factor of 6 will move a selected control point by 6 units in the desired direction, whereas shifting the slider from the zero position to the first scale line will result into moving the control point by 1,5 mm (1/4 of the slider’s total stroke).


FWIW: you can also hit the spinner down once to do this

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Thank you for your tip! It still requires two mouse clicks: one to change the scale to 0.001 and then click the down arrow to change the number to 0.0001, but having a dedicated button for the 0.0001 scale would be much better. Hopefully it will be added soon!

Wish 3: Change the behaviour of the tiny arrows.
Another disadvantage of the current UI in this particular menu is that those arrows will either multiply or divide by 10, rather than gradually increase the last number. The most common numbers already exist as buttons just below the arrows anyway. For example, trying to change 0.001 into 0.002 (doubling the distance) will require the following steps: a mouse click in the number field behind the number 1 while holding the mouse button and slide the mouse to the left side to mark the desired number, then pressing the 2 key. Trying to single-click behind the number and pressing the Backspace key will immediately delete the whole number rather than the last digit only. In a better World, all that’s needed is to press the up arrow to increase the last digit from 1 to 2.

An alternative method is to allow use of the mouse scroll wheel to increase or decrease the last digit while hovering above the number field. In this case, the function of the two arrows remains intact.

Wish 4: Right-clicking while moving a slider in “MoveUVN” to cancel the change. It’s way too slow to often use the Undo button every time I adjust a control points with the slider, only to see that I want to revert to its previous position.
A lot of programs allow this type of convenient right-click canceling, including Rhino with some comments. Example: Grab a box in Rhino and move it via the arrow handle of Gumball. Right-click while dragging and the box goes back to its original position, cancelling the change of the active dragging. Super-nice and easy. I wonder why it’s not like that with the sliders of the “MoveUVN” tool? :slight_smile: