Wish: Tune up MoveUVN

I’m not sure what to suggest. But the U and V pointers could just be improved. On a big 24 inch screen, they are still barely visible, this is a single maximised viewport. Maybe the control polygon being coloured in red/green (likee the use UV wires mode for stuff that’s shaded) could be a possibilty. Or what about a U / V character attached to the nearest U/V row to the camera by distance. Or maybe an arrowhead?

Since it probably pertains most to MoveUVN, perhaps it should be like a tickbox for advanced HUD, or something.

Easy wins: Ability to amend the thickness of the marker, maybe that would help? Anyway, I think there’s something amiss with the logic of the scale.


Hello - if you are referring to the little green and red stubs on the control polygon, those are not related to MoveUVN. They follow the CPlane X and Y colors so you can make them brighter that way, but I agree it would be better if there were somewhat more visible markers - currently the sizes are some proportion of the control polygon segment so they can be quite small on a denser surface. Basically we need a better way to indicate surface U and V… I think that is the underlying message here, correct?


I really like the concept of a “Control Point Gumball” for UVN modelling. This would add precision and good visual feedback:


Yeah I get that they don’t appear because of MoveUVN - although MoveUVN is the tool they are most useful for in my experience. That’s why I feel like an override in that panel would be helpful. Just so that folks who don’t want to see something different, aren’t faced with the option until they need it, per se. Inside Rebuild for example, It’s always quite clear temporarily about the directions you’re affecting. Good to know regarding the colour link to CPlanes

Yeah I wonder if the proportion could be amended in some way. I don’t know, could it relate to the viewport size in pixels in some way?

Also, I can’t for life of me rmemeber how I used to get the N direction displayed for a control point. I’m certain in the past there was a way to get a blue stub.

Hey… yeah. Psychic… And then an arrowhead so you see the +ve direction

What do you mean by +ve direction? Tangent Extension?

In MoveUVN, you drag the sliders for positive or negative. Or use positive/negative values in the Scale value input. In the same way, rebuild has the arrow for the ‘direction’ of UV, which I presume is the ascending domain.


Like this?

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I’m only really interested in the control polygon direction. Given that this then implies what the extension direction is.

Although if this was something tucked away for MoveUVN only, depending on which radio button you have could change the arrows displayed? (tang / cp / ext)

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Yes, the light blue arrows are supposed to be “theoretical”. The idea is to not constantly follow the polygon, but rather travel along the extentension.

I think we both mean the same thing.



written up-


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For sure. The “wrong” direction is the MoveUVN: Along control polygon option though, which still has its uses. So yes by mixing the Along control polygon and Along extensions mode, you can travel any distance along either of those two blue arrows you drew.

Like you say, we both mean the same thing. Some way to better visualise UV direction when control points are on :slight_smile:

What exactly was written up? The project is not publicly visible and just shows a “404”.

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Yeah, that seems to happen all the time with Youtrack.
Any ideas why, @theoutside ?

Try now…


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Works now, thanks!

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Here is how I think this could work. To get that Gumball “feeling” of using a handle,
each Control Polygon is split at the middle. You do not grab a Control Point, but the handle on either side “A” or “B” , which fully defines a Control Point and the corresponding tangent with a single click.

Additionally this would also solve the “shallow angle” problem between the tangent extention and the “next” Polygon.

This of course works in all four directions:


There are two way of activating the Control Point Gumball:

  • By picking a Control Point, the Gumball shows up, or

  • To intitially have no handle visible and as you move the cursor near one handle, it lights up, which would save one click.

If you want to work this way, you simply pick the handle on the other side.
This way a “Control Point Gumball” can do tangent extention as well travelling along the polygon the “wrong” way!


I’ve always found it a bit amusing that the scripts that @Pascal produces have way better UV direction indicators than the built-in ones:


Like, why can’t that be the default? (Although the dot should be drawn in front of the arrows.)


Pascal, will your Align Grips tool make it into V7 as a standard build?
Pretty please.

Hey, which @pascal sorcery is that from?

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@a.tchoukanov AlignGrips is indeed in v7.