Move UVN by % wish

I’d love to see a toggle between moving by explicit distance (as is the current method) and moving by a percentage.

The percentage would relate to the distance between the control points either side of the selected points to move. There would also be a toggle between U and V.

So, in the pic below where three points are selected, they’d all move different absolute distances but as measured back to the lengths 1,2 and 3 they’d all have moved by the same % of length.

If that makes sense…?



Hi Rob - I think I see what you’re getting at, a sort of proportionality, but it seems like this could lead to some wacky results, depending on the selection- it almost seems like a separate tool, perhaps, with more specific input than MoveUVN uses. e.g. specify one surface to act on.


Ah, yes, quite true Pascal. The percentages would have to be specific to the surface that the points are on, so selections of points across multiple patches would be useless.

Also, how would the percentage be calculated if a square patch of points was selected? Perhaps this tool would only relate to a single point or a row of points in one particular direction only (lets say U) and on one patch. Then the percentage figure would be calculated from the opposite direction (V).

If an edge point was selected then the percentage would be worked out to the next control point seeing as you wouldn’t have a point either side.

Mmmm…wouldn’t like to have to write the code for that command…

Just shooting from the hip here as usual but, maybe: the distance a point moves is set - say .1. Whatever the length of the isocurve corresponding to a point (not necessarily a displayed one), in U or V, scales the move for each point - the user picks a point or a row that is the 100% point/row…


That could work I suppose…

Not sure about setting the distance the point moves though, I’d like to fiddle with this on the fly with buttons or/and numerical percentage input.

I like the idea of a user definable 100% ‘envelope’ though.