Wirecut incorrect result with multiple cutters/objects

In the file below, from Front view call Wirecut, select the 4 red lines, as cutting curves and the two solids as objects to be cut. Then choose the following options:
Direction=CPlaneNormal DeleteInput=No BothSides=No KeepAll=Yes
Press Enter to cut through the objects.

Looks normal at first glance, but if you start clicking on the resulting split boxes, you will see that they are now a collection of overlapping boxes of various heights instead of having just been simply split into 10 separate parts.

I tested in (7.12.21285.17001, 2021-10-12), but not in the WIP as it’s not installed on this machine.

WirecutResult.3dm (89.9 KB)

Dear Mitch, i can reproduce your unexpected results.


as workarround

Yep, I just Gumball extruded the lines, moved the planes and used BooleanSplit… CreateSolid is also good, thanks. This was mainly to report the bug.

Heh, yeah, I see that, thanks. Looks like it’s done in a loop or something where the last output becomes the new input. Or something.
RH-65977 WireCut : incorrect with multiple inputs
As a workaround, BooleanSplit with InfinitePlane > Vertical along the lines also works.