Multi wire cut

Can’t seem to find the option ‘multi’ wire cut when cutting…I’m sure it used to be there?

Can you be more specific about what you are talking about?

the tool ‘wire cut’ used to have an option in the command line to select multiple wires to cut with…

Maybe try CutPlane command.

Hi -

In which version do you think this was?
I just checked in Rhino 5 and it’s not there, at least.

@wim I don’t remember it either but I would welcome this as well, being able to select multiple curves to cut with. Boolean difference accepts it, and it is basically the same isn’t it?

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I don’t recall Wirecut ever being able to accept multiple curves… I agree this would be a nice addition.

Probably most people use Wirecut as a way of “Solid Splitting” volume objects with curves - which has been asked for many times, but never implemented. That is to say with the options “Normal to CPlane” or “Normal to Curve” and Enter for depth “Through”. I’d be willing to bet that most of the other options - such as the second cut direction" - are little used.

I have some macros that preset these options to go faster, but the splitting is still limited to one curve at a time.

! _Wirecut _Pause _Pause
_KeepAll=_Yes _Enter

Otherwise I extrude and use BooleanSplit, then delete the parts I don’t want - easier than trying to use the surface normals to figure out which part to keep with BooleanDifference.

I also have a script that covers some of these - “Split by View” which can take multiple cutters and has default options to use the current CPlane and to keep objects solid if they are solid to begin with… (6.5 KB)

As asked for many times, native “SolidSplit” command would be great to easily take care of this stuff.

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Sorry guys, I meant muti-objects in the options…however I see it does it automatically now… before you could only pick one object then repeat the command every time…thanks for all the quick responses
Helvetosaur I’ll check out your"split by view" tool…thanks!

I downloaded your split by view tool and drag it into rhino 6 and it said py file not supported…is there a different way to install it thanks

Yep. Python script files cannot be drag and dropped into Rhino (don’t know why it is limited like that, but that’s how it is…) Here are some instructions:


Thanks and will try it out later today