More intuitive way of deleting components

Can I manipulate somehow GH canvas so I can delete components more intuitively?
(or make an enhancement request :slight_smile:)

for example:

  1. to put “delete component” in the right-click context menu
  2. to put “delete component” in the middle-mouse-click radial menu
  3. to place a “recycle bin” on the canvas (you know google blockly style) to throw scrap components in.
  4. use single letter keyboard shortcut (when user hasn’t clicked in a text field)

How about pressing delete on your Keyboard?
And you can set shortcuts in gh preferences …

  1. to put “delete component” in the right-click context menu

could be useful if your delete key is broken

  1. to put “delete component” in the middle-mouse-click radial menu

could be useful if your delete key is broken

  1. to place a “recycle bin” on the canvas (you know google blockly style) to throw scrap components in.

Hows that different than just going to the tabs to get the component or just leaving the component somewhere off to the side? Seems like adding an unnecessary step.

  1. use single letter keyboard shortcut (when user hasn’t clicked in a text field)

delete is already just one key,


You can’t modify those menus, they are populated by the components themselves. I wanted to make the radial items editable, but I think in the end it didn’t happen. So it will have to be done by me in the code.

That may be possible to do from a plug-in, but definitely very tricky. It would be easier to drag a delete-widget onto objects rather than drag objects onto a delete-widget.

Only menu-style shortcuts (special keys like Del, Ins, Home, or regular keys with at least one modifier (shift, control) are kept in Grasshopper for parsing. Any other letter is send to the Rhino command line.

It would be pretty weird if you could start all Rhino commands while Grasshopper has focus, except those that start with a “d”.

I’m afraid Ctrl+X is the only other option you have at the moment…

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I place my hands on the left side of the keyboard and on the mouse. To press delete I have to move one of them…it slows the process, therefore - not intuitive.

Intuitive would be to just right-click (middle-click) or throw it in the bin.

Yeah, that would be funny :smiley:.

I am used to d->space in Rhino to delete objects, and moving to work inside grasshopper that comes naturally, Ctrl+X, could work, but I am using PC and laptops, and one of the laptops has Fn button where Ctrl usually is. You can imagine the frustration.

Could you at least consider placing Delete inside the right-click or radial menu for one of the future builds? I believe many people will be happy about it.

Asign your keyaborad any way you want. Use the Fn as Delete. or better still… exercise a bit! Delete is not 8 miles away ya know?

1 sec? Same time on opening radial menu and move mouse. And by fast moving you could also miss it. Sorry i just see no need for that feature.


That is ridiculous. You say, “change the laptop / operating system to match one software among hundreds having ‘delete’ in right-click menu”

Apparently, you don’t work with many different engineering software packages and you don’t know how after working with one of them for a longer period the musle memory kicks in allowing the limbs to work faster in the position they are. Reducing the effort, increasing productivity. There is science build on top of this. Ergonomy, SixSigma and what not.

Yeah mate, but it will do exactly what you want. Second, I donno if it is more ridicolous demanding that an extremelly brilliant dude as Rutten, who already gave you his revolutionary software for free, to code some more just 'cos you are too damn lazy to move your index finger a bit… Де да знам брат… оправяй са. :slight_smile:

Чети горния ми пост, брат

And by the way, GH is free because of the components it has in its code which are licensed under BSD, MIT etc. If it was paid I would’ve paid for it. I love rhino that’s why I bought it.

I am asking for enhancement it won’t benefit only me. Instead of attacking my request as if it will cause you to code the change, sit back quietly and enjoy making Rhino+GH becoming more competitive.

There is a big difference between providing a plugin for free or not. Validation, Support and Software Protection, just to name three major aspects.
I believe the reason why plugin developer don’t charge money is that the majority of gh user yields no return of investment, because only a few actually work professional with it.
If you sum up everything, you need to bring in your own money.
Those people who use GH to earn money, don’t earn money with the use of the software itself. They sell a service or a self-made product.
Its funny to see that a lot of people actually think of improving GH by making it “intuitive” or “faster in use”.
If you get paid for deleting components, I’ll write a hack for you. But remember, whatever you do: tomtom gets 50 % :wink: (…of the profit :point_up:)

Calm down everyone, it’s a reasonable request which may or may not make it into 6.x (technically it’s a new feature which we’re not supposed to add, but that hasn’t really stopped anyone so far).

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Good that you add that last part :slight_smile: I work with other software (completely different in every aspect) at the moment and continue developing my skills in rhino+gh in my free time. Time is of an essence, because it is limited. Every enhancemet of the OOTB solution is appreciated.

Thanks David, is there a way to get the roadmap for 6.x?

I work in a very large engineering company and I‘m currently on 60.000 nodes from a double curved roof of an airport. (Each node 6 times). So I jump all day between softwares. Just btw.

But I think the others pointed out my view…

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Why trolling then?
Which software?
How different?
How long you stay with one before switchin to the other? It’s all relevant.

Tim is one of the most skilled and regular people on this forum. Trust me, the dude is not “trolling”. If somebody extresses an oppinion, which might differ from yours this does not mean they are trolling.

And to answer your question… I work for a leading Spanish company, I use a gazilliong of CAD/CAM/FEM/CFD/Etc…/Etc… solutions on a daily basis. Building stadiums and shit :slight_smile: And I am not trolling you either. I actually gave you a solution. Take it or leave it. Fuck I care…

lol, I don’t know why people immediately start to brag what they do. Well I work as a consultant for arguably the biggest engineering software company in the world. Their software is used in pretty much every industry you can think of. My experience with being part of their QA and R&D team along with that with other software allows me to make valuable suggestions to make Rhino/GH better. David recognized it as a valid request. How couldn’t you?

Question is however, why even post on a thread when you take no part in the developing of Rhino/GH? I am not asking the community for advice or help in this thread, It is obvious you can’t really make a statement to add value to the issue I presented. All you can do is reduce the importance of the thread by boring people who read your useless comments.

Perhaps this forum should be separated from customer support which should not be public.