Feature request

recent R6 updates now doesn’t allow to dbl click on wire links & delete them like before.
it’d be great if wires behave like nodes for easy delete/disconnect (just click select it, and delete).

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When were they able to be deleted by double clicking?

I can still do it. 6.9.18271
what is annoying to me is that every time I double click open python component, the search bar comes up.

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rgt, I can also still do this on my laptop ( 1 or 2 service releases behind)

the search box popping up for you might be accidental click on canvas

That’s a bug introduced in 6.9. happens to me too

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hmm… I can still do that in an internal build of 6.11 so there must be something else going on on your end.
Any ideas, @DavidRutten?

No ideas either. It’s still supposed to work. And still does on my machine. @yelenaye do you have any plug-ins that might be doing something other than just add some components?

What I changed recently is that selecting the Delete-ing relays would fix the wire. But that has nothing to do with double-clicks.

thnx @wim !
@DavidRutten ,
only thing I did recently was the waterman I’m not sure
how to get rid of the dup nor uninstall. it doesn’t show up
either in components or user obj folders.

thnx 4 checking it out!!


6.10 still have this problem