WIP Window 7? Black World Space



I get these black inoperable flat World Space, upon loading the 6WIP on my Windows 7 Bootcamp. Safe Mode opens and I can use wireframe geometry. 5.0 runs fine.Also running the WIP well on my Bootcamp windows 10 laptop.

Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if its a setting of mine or the WIP. Thanks much!


(David Eränen) #3

Hi Jonathan,

The first thing I’d do is update the graphics drivers - they are over 4 years old. Can you still see the issues after that?



Thanks much. Unfortunately, there was never a newer driver offered for this model of the AMD in fact i have a newer driver than even offered any longer on the website. The computer Albeit still running is from 2010.

As Mentioned Rhino 5. Works fine.


(Steve Baer) #7

It’s a subtle bug that I’m trying to figure out. I’m able to reproduce this on one of my machines and am trying to figure out the cause.

(Steve Baer) #8

@Jonathan_A_Scelsa, please download the latest WIP that was made available yesterday. We believe that we finally found and fixed the black viewport bug that you were seeing. I would love to know if this WIP works on your computer now.