Rhino 6 WIP Major Display Issues

I just stated using Rhino 6 WIP and have immediately experienced very weird display behavior. When rotating my viewport the line work & hatches become huge and fill the screen - then flash back to normal.

I have a TitanX and updated to the latest driver to see if it would fix the issue with no luck.

Yes, the latest version sure messes up a few things.

FWIW, this part of Rhino is currently undergoing major changes pretty much every day. I’m sure it’s fine to report these things but don’t expect this to settle in the short run.

Yea, I figured as much. It was so large I figured I’d let you guys know. The latest released clear up the problem a bit. Thanks for getting back to me.


Do you mean that the WIP that was released yesterday fixed the issues that you were seeing?

Yep, that one particular issue was fixed when I loaded the latest release this morning.