V6 Black windows after windows system crash

Hey there,

after a windows crash due to lets say “my complex configuration” I’m facing in v6, black windows only, or in case of an existing file, of the two windows in a square screen, the two top ones show CAD data but turn black the moment I select them.
What to do about it? Wait for a fix, or reinstall the whole program again?

Which V6 WIP and what video card? Lots of changes in the display and Cycles recently which has produced some pretty funky display issues.

It was going on for the last couple of updates but right after the post I got version (6.0.17136.10381, 16.05.2017).
First it didn’t seem to work, but one day later after a system reboot it seems to be fine at least in case of black screens.
But there are still graphic issues. Now the work in the perspective window disappears until I work something there.
several shaded modes don’t work …

My video card is a ATI FirePro M7820

Hi Martin - is this still happening with the latest WIPs?


Hello Pascal

in case of black windows it seems to be fine now.
Shaded modes are still not available.


Hi Martin - hmmm - which ones, if not all? Are they set to defaults? If they are not defaults, please Export one from options > View > Display modes page and post it here or send to tech@mcneel.com. Then try resetting to defaults.


Hi Pascal

you are right, all other modes don’t work.
In my case shaded, rendered, half transparent and transparent are set to default.
Wireframe, there is only the thickness of the lines set to 1. This is working.
Setting all to default again doesn’t change anything.


Hi Martin - if you have not, I’d update the video drivers - check the AMD website, don’t depend on Windows to be correct about whether the drivers are current…