So now that there is a gallery section,

Will there be a WIP section? or a “what are you working on?” thread? not sure a full WIP section would work but maybe a general thread would be nice, any thoughts?..

My take on this is that the gallery should be the place not only to show off the rendering capabilities of plug-ins but also show what can be done - and is being done - with Rhino. I feel that the label is misplaced under rendering.


Hi Wim and Sabino,

Yes I also do believe that there’s more in Rhino than rendering. 90% of my customers don’t render.
It would be very nice when there’s a royalty free Gallery with subs for:

  • Modeling (WIP), drawings, nestings etc.
  • Projects (build up of an interior)
  • Presentation (Rendering, movies etc)
  • 3D printing
  • CNC
  • more?

I agree Wim, a model alone can be good allready,…