WIP - setting User Text on Attributed Block Prior to baking and preview?

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To expand on the above discussion, in the latest wip, the User Text now works prior to baking as expected. But I tested to assign the User Text on transformed block definitions or existing block instances, and the user text fixed to block attribute could not be modified by bake/update, and also it could not be previewed with a new-assigned attribute.

@AndyPayne @michaelvollrath Have you had any concentration on this?

Please see the screenshots below:

[block with attribute “testKEY” and default value “1”]

[test step - 1, 2, 3]

[test step - 4]

Thank you all for your time!

Would it be possible to include a simple Rhino and Grasshopper file so I can replicate what you’re seeing? Thanks.

@AndyPayne Sorry for the late reply, I have tested the latest beta version, and it seems not updated for this, and I also found another issue. Please see below:

#1 it seems to get wrong when display in gh that will always display the last created block attritbutes.

#2 blockinstance in gh will not display the modified attributes
#3 Attributes of baked blockinstance will unexpectedly reset to default value.
#4 baked block instance will out of tracking by the bake component, can be repeated with the second cllick and it turned yellow for warning.

Here are the testing files if needed:
test for blocks.gh (13.7 KB)
TEST.3dm (2.0 MB)

@kike @Gijs Are these possible to be fixed in the next update? :grin:


#3 and #4 will be on next RC, the other two are more tricky.

Thanks for the quick reply. :coffee:This could be very cool when finished.