Rhino WIP download - license key used by another person

I cannot download the latest Rhino WIP version via the download-page. I always get the answer that the license key is used by another person (Der eingegebene Lizenzschlüssel wurde bereits von jemand anderem verwendet).
What am I doing wrong?
ciao manu

Are you sure you are using the same eMail address as the one that you used to register the license for RH5?

Yes I am sure, but I also tried my other adresses.

The download from Rhino 5 at this page “http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/sr” worked with the same entries without any problems.

Best to write a PM to sales@mcneel.com to get this sorted out.

There was a bug on our web site that didn’t allow new downloads of Rhino WIP using an unused email/license key. This is now fixed.