WIP - Panel layout doesn't stick

In the latest WIP (updated a few minutes ago) some panels doesn’t stay where I put them, and the main window doesn’t remember the size it had when last being closed. Pictured:

Bad behavior: OSnap (A) and Filter groups (B) are pushed so far to the right that Filters slips down (B) under the command line, while OSnap group (A) is shrinked so that not all options are visible. Also the Visibility group ( C ) doesn’t stay below the vertical leftmost (“main”) panel.

I tried several times to place these panels, then close and restart, but WIP continues to mess them up.

Is there some “auto-layout” option somewhere allowing the panels to float around depending on the main window size (which doesn’t stick either after restart)?

// Rolf

Yep… I believe this is related to, here at least, Rhino opening restored:


I see this is set for 7.x and I can only hope that is a mistake, I gave it a nudge…


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