RhinoCycles Week 39

Nathan, just ran across your “Week 39” video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvsq_gDOZs0&list=PLzNvJPtmmAMZ7pEedotpvUhh6hjFC_tQO&index=1 and wanted to say Great Job!

I’m glad to see this progressing! Can hardly wait till I can get my hands on it as a plugin into Rhino v6.

I am glad you like it. Some more changes and fixes are in the pipeline. With those done I think we’re starting to have a pretty complete package.

I must say it is great fun to daily have Rhino sessions with Cycles in one or even two, three viewports simultaneously running.

It’s so cool that I’m excited for all you users out there :smiley: !


Will Rhinocycles support Brazil materials ?

And where i find view texture mapping ?

I can indeed eventually add materials to RhinoCycles that directly correspond to Brazil materials. @andy will let me know when I can start working on that.

I am not sure what you mean by view texture mapping. Is this texture mappings like WCS and WCS (Box) and Screen?


I mean this … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG19HUwr4JM .

Those are indeed the mappings one can find in the Mapping section for textures.

There you’ll find WCS, WCS (box), Screen several for Environment.


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Can we have in-viewport rendering yet? If not, how far out do you think it is?

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In the newest beta you can make a display mode based on the Cycles engine.

I found it a bit buggy and since it’s the same old story about not supporting clipping planes, I’m sure I’ll stay away…

That said, for a full render (of a non-clipped view), I’ll be using Cycles all the time.

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A good week ago I committed code that adds a new display mode to the drop-down list, Rendered with Cycles. This entry should be available even when Cycles isn’t the current renderer.

Clipping plane functionality needs to be added to Cycles for it to work in Rhino. This is on the todo list: RH-29665. There are plans to add that, the timeline for that isn’t known yet. Making Cycles rock solid and easy to use is the current goal.


I don’t think waiting on core support for clippingplane is such a good idea.

To me it makes a lot more sense if Rhino could clip the render mesh prior to sending it off to the render engine, that way all render engines could support clippingplanes. Or doesn’t that make sense?

I suppose a mesh-level clipping plane solution could be a good intermediate one, but in the end it may be not a good idea when shaders are used that do displacement too, since that might result in unexpected render results.

Personally I do think clipping render meshes may be a useful feature to have though.


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