WIP Material thumbnails render mode

Hi All,

Any idea how to switch the Thumbnail rendering to “Simple” mode (OpenGL, rendered) and not using Raytraced? The default one is very slow on files with more than a few materials. In V6 working with basic preview, need this in WIP as well.




There isn’t a good way, except to set the renderer to Legacy Rhino Render. Obviously, we are going to need to solve this.

I would be interested to know if it is still a problem after you set the renderer to the old one…

  • Andy

Hi Andy,

A few things:

  1. Our typical files have 100s of textured materials and in WIP it is simply not useable to wait to refresh the materials list and have them all render with Cycles.

  2. Definitely could use a mode where thumbnails render fast and simple, regardless of the Legacy Render. Sure we can have it switched but it seems a bit backward.

  3. There should be a way to tell Rhino for all thumbnails to use specific setting, we need no-skylight and use Sphere for example. Is there a setting for this? I guess saving thumbnail defaults, but how to update all the existing ones to the new setting not having to go one-by-one? Also, for speed sake, is there a way to turn off Environment map in thumbnail previews.

Basically we need material preview mode that is VERY fast and robust vs. fancy and slower. Hope this can be achieved in V7.



Sorry forgot to answer - no, setting the Renderer to old one makes the thumbnails generate faster. Need to have no skylight as well - as bare as possible. I wish we could control the ambient though since they seem a bit dark, regardless of Render ambient light setting, except when using Skylight, which is too slow…


I understand.

  1. You shouldn’t have to wait - you should get decent OpenGL previews fast, and the Cycles ones should come later without stopping you working.

  2. The OpenGL ones (the ones that show up quickly) are intended to be “fast and simple”

  3. I will log this as a bug.

  • Andy


Hi Andy, thanks. Also seems like in OpenGL mode Thumbnail background setting to None or Checkered has no effect. Always see the Studio Environment…

Nevermind, I did not see the changed ones - they “Jumped” to the bottom of the thumbnails stack. It works, but the “jump” is funny, ideally they would not re-sort on a preview change…so we don’t miss what was being edited.