Rhino 7 Raytrace material thumbnails

Hello all,

I’ve found that my .rmtl thumbnails look very different in Rhino 7 than in Rhino 6.17. Any idea what’s going on here? They look all washed out in the WIP.

To be clear, my question is about the thumbnails themselves, not the materials. The materials seem to be just fine and look the same when applied on objects.


Rhino 6.17

Rhino 7.0.19246 WIP

Rhino 7 WIP has the new Rhino Render in. You have a version where you see OpenGL still doing the thumbnails.

The very latest has the Cycles engine render those already, but there is a problem with the handling of the preview scene environment texture making it look very, very washed out. I’m currently in progress of tracking down why the same environment in the viewport and previewscene are done so fastly differently.

Please hang tight while I work on fixing that.

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If it helps, I noticed that in Rhino 6, when I first add my materials, they have the exact same washed out appearance. Then they begin to render, until they look like the pic above. It looks like Rhino 7 never gets to that render/refinement step.

Right, that is because you’re on a version where that rendering is not enabled yet. I’m targetting to have some fixes in that should be in the next WIP release.

Here a sneak preview of an orange glass


Hi Nathan,

I downloaded the new WIP today, and the thumbnails are not exactly the same as Rhino 6, but they are much improved!


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Rhino 7.0.19260WIP

That is correct, they are no longer rendered by the legacy Rhino Render, but by the new Rhino Render.

If you don’t mind the preview rendering to be slower you can go into Tools > Options > Advanced and search for the setting PreviewSamples. The default is currently 150 (but may change), you can set it to say 500. Or to something lower, say 25, if you want just fast, and don’t mind grainier results (: