Wish: disable all auto thumbnail updates of materials


it slow down to work with the material editor if every time all material thumbnails are regenerated. At the moment I’m fighting with the update of the “replace” function. A lot of object lost the connection to the V-Ray materials (by sending my scene file to a client and back to me) and every time I start “replace” than the replace UI open and start to recreate all thumbnails. It’s nearly not useable by the slow down. I wished I could work without thumbnails.



Here a screenshot of the UI with the slow down. Also I don’t understand the order at the left side.

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I also find Material Editor UI slow and frustrating at times. I second your wish. There must be some performance optimizations done in that area.

I think this exists, at least for the material list, but as far as I have seen it has no effect

I personally find previews to be mainly eye candy and not very useful for actual work, and I don’t like the cpu getting hammered just to render them, so quite early on I added a preference in my plugin to disable rendering previews entirely, in which case they just get the “rendered” viewport (opengl) look, like you see before the render plugin is asked to render them

The problem gets much worse with the use of SBSAR materials, which can add literal minutes to simply scrolling through the materials tab - you scroll, suddenly it wants to update the materials thumbnails, so it bogs down, then you scroll some more, it bogs down again, and so on and so forth.

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