WIP expires in two days and there are no updates...?

I have the 6.0.14176.9191 build.

I think @brian has been working on getting another one out since Tuesday afternoon.

Ok, good, then at least it is nothing wrong with the updater.

Actually there may be something wrong with the updater. Are you subscribed to “Service Release” updates in Help->Check for Updates?

Hi Steve, I can not choose any subscriptions, here is what it looks like, and when I click on “check for updates” then it opens a webpage and tells me it is up to date:

And this is the link it uses, it corresponds with the build version:


Cannot choose the subscription either, but at least I seem to be subscribed to release candidates.


This matches my settings in Rhino5 btw.

edit: just checked that. Setting rhino 5 update interval to “service release” routes Rhino6 checking to /weekly/ instead of /releasecandidate/

I sat V5 to check for releasecandidates, but no change.
So I downloaded the new V6 and I can not choose any alternatives for updates there either.

There seems to be an issue with your web, no matter what i remove from the link:

I get the same result, “my Rhino version is up to date”

Even if I only type in: https://www2.mcneel.com/updates/

I see the same issue over here but without the expiration problem reported above.


This is fixed now. It turns out that we’re seeing different behavior in the check-for-updates system because some of us are using “release” CD-Keys instead of Beta ones.

Your Rhino’s should now properly check for updates, and the links posted above should show updates available.

Thanks Brian, after i´ve re-entered my license check for updates works.