Rhino 6 RC 2 to RC 3 Update - Bug


I come from the previous version (6.6.18156) and I have the “Service Release Candidate” enabled but I don’t receive the Update available to 6.6.18163 and clicking the “check now” text into the Rhino Options the url says I have the newest version available: https://www2.mcneel.com/updates/06bb1079-5a56-47a1-ad6d-0b45183d894b/release/win64/en-us/releasecandidate/6.6.18156.11421


@brian, you may want to check this.

Same here.

Oops! That’s what I get for deploying code with the actual publishing part commented out!

I’ve re-published the RC, and the latest WIP based on V7 code. Please let me know if you still don’t see those updates.


Works now.

Working here too, thanks @brian!