WIP can't switch layers in layer panel

Hi there.
I’m using the WIP version 8.0.22137.8305, 2022-05-1, and I find that I can’t change an object’s layer using the layer panel, either with the new “change layer” button or by right clicking on the new layer. “Change Object Layer” is not a selectable option.

I can change an objects layer using the mini layer panel at the bottom of the interface.

Upon further inspection, I find I can’t select objects on a layer or sublayers through the Layers Panel either.

Ok, new insight.

When I try to change a layer using the right-click in the layer panel, Rhino is using the active layer as the destination, regardless of which layer I right-click on. Can we switch this behavior back so that the change layer option uses the layer clicked on, not the active layer?

Hello, Californian:)

This post has been pretty lonely. Hopefully this helps (I’m sure it will…)

Run changelayer. You will discover new things while dealing with the problems you had. :smiley:


This problem is shared by many panels. This is the bug report. Thanks.

RH-68862 Eto: Action happens on selected item instead of item being right-clicked on

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