Change layer (Mac)

If I select a something, there are 2 ways two change the layer:

  1. go to the top toolbar layer icon and choose the change layer icon. That works fine.

  2. go to the object panel on the right and choose the new layer from the drop down. This works fine if there’s less than 16 layers Only 15 show up.

I believe this is a BUG.

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@wim - can you test?

The problem does not exist in Windows Rhino, so this might be a Mac thing, I can’t test here, no Mac…

In V7 (Windows) the Properties > Layer dropdown has a scrollbar if the list is too long to show all at once. In the WIP, the scrollbar is absent (perhaps an omission), but you can still scroll the list with the mouse wheel. In either case there are more than 15 layers showing, I tested with 25-30 or so.

There is actually a third way - select the object(s), then go to the layers panel, find the destination layer you want in the list, right-click on it and choose “Change object layer” (there is also a copy option).

No problems here.
Rhino version 7.30.23130.11002
macOS 11.7.6

If there are more layers than can fit on the screen, you can scroll down with the mouse wheel or by hovering the mouse over the small arrow that appears at the bottom of the list.


Right, version 7 is OK.
The problem is in Version 8 WIP (8.0.23136.12096, 2023-05-16)

No one from McNeil has acknowledged this yet. It’s still a problem., minor but a problem.

Hi @paul.hecko,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

– Dale