Switch layer

Good morning
is there a function to switch to the selected object layer?

Hi @Massimo_Musazzi

Edit: Sorry! Misread your request! Just ignore!

Edit again: If you click the hammer in the layers menu, you can Select object layer, and then set it to active. I’m sure it would be easy to script, if you know how :wink:

Using the command prompt, there’s ChangeLayer. If you’d rather use the layer menu, simply right click the layer you want to move the selected object(s) to and choose Change object layer (third form the bottom, I think).

HTH, Jakob

thank you!
found it :slight_smile: … there is the function … in Italian it’s called “ImpostaLivelloSuOggetto”…very useful

Ah, yes! SetLayerToObject :smiley: Glad you found it!