WIP Bug Report - Multiline Text Loses Format

When I add multiline text, only the first line retains the font setting. The other lines are rendered in Helvetica Neue. In version 6 WIP (6.13.19008.12056, 2019-01-08)

Hello thanks for the report, I see this as well.


Multi-line text should retain font settings in the latest RhinoWIP. Please test and let us know if you still see problems.

Hi, I`ve encountered the problem with Helvetica. This font always appears as Arial so far…

Can you please be more specific?
You’re adding your comments to a problem that was fixed months ago, and your description isn’t detailed enough to understand the issue or to repeat it.

If it is the same issue, please reply here.
If your circumstances or details are different, even a little, please start a new thread.