Bug Report: Multiline Text getting cropped

Hi All,
hi @stevebaer and @lowell,
with the latest BETA multiline text in text objects gets cropped when the file is saved and reopened.
In this example I put a simple text object in a new empty RH6 instance and filled it with three lines of text.
I don’t know if that helps here but this is the file: TextBug.3dm (28.9 KB)

When I save the file and reopen it, the first two lines are cropped to “\n”, the third still exists.

While talking about the text object:
I don’t think the Text Properties panel is supposed to look like this… When switching on Background > Solid Color, the color field doesn’t appear…

Hi All,
same Problem here, after the last update all multiline texts seem to be damaged. I am talking about thousands of text objects in multiple files… Is there any way to restore this lost data? In the latest BETA all lines except the last one are displayed blank, when saving the whole thing to RH5 the blank lines are deleted and only one line remains.
Hopefully theres some kind of a solution… Working over thousands of room stamps would not be very satisfying…


Thanks for the report.
It doesn’t look good.
I’ll know more soon.

Until then, don’t save over important files.


same matter for me. i created a new topic about it:

The damage to multi-line text is done after reading from the file and before displaying.
A fix is being built now.
I don’t know yet when that will be available, but it will be soon


Don’t save files with text that has been damaged by this.


RH-43213 should be fixed in the latest BETA…we put out another one today just to fix this bug. Please give it a try.

it’s Ok for me!

Guys youre great, saved my day!

Everything is working fine again for me as well!
Thank you very much for the fast fix!