Text behaviour

I’m entering a multiple row text. In the edit window it looks as being on 3 rows, but in the drawing comes in a single row, separated by light boxes. Is it a normal behavior ?

For now, yes. MacRhino does not yet support multiline text, even though the edit box leads you to think it does…


I see.
As a matter of fact, re-opening the same file with Windows Rhino, textes on multiple rows display correctly.

Yeah, this problem is unfortunately a bit painful, but I am sure that it will be addressed one of these days. Only workaround now is to separate the lines and maybe group them afterwards.


I see this problem raised often. I wonder what is the ranking for this issue on the priority list of the development team?

We don’t actually have a ranking system. Things get prioritized by various factors like how easy it is to fix and how many people are affected by it among other things. Crashing comes first.

Can we make better text control in second? :smile:

This will be fixed in the next WIP release.


Marlin , that’s great !

AHHH, thanks :slight_smile:

Next step in the future would be to add control on alignment so we can use left (default now) center or right alignment!

Just happen to miss the right alignment today in one of my files…

since its been 3 years, has multiline text been implemented ? because I haven’t figured out how other than separate Text objects then lining up separately .

for text objects you can use alt enter or ctrl enter to create the next line,
or you just create a normal text and explode it.

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