Rhino WIP doesn't start the update automatically when close

Started Rhino WIP to get the latest beta, waited and checked the update status.
(It would be great if that could be a live feed of the download status)

When downloaded (by Rhino) I closed Rhino as it said, but the update did not start automatically.

So I restarted Rhino and clicked the red icon. On my laptop this started the installer, but on my workstation it didn’t.


On neither machines started the installer when I closed Rhino WIP.

On the laptop restarting Rhino WIP and clikcing the red install icon worked.
On the workstation it didn’t work, but I Rhino 5 running, and closing it made the installer work on the next try.

So it seems the WIP installer needs to check if Rhino 5 is running, and not just terminate with out notice.