Tried WIP since months

Hi all.

I’m working with 2 other people with SubD over the last 2 years. Almost daily.
What is the progress?

Will we have curvature graph for SubD on V8? (this really should have been a 7.0 feature)
(I can use history to see the curvature graphs of the edges of the SubD, but history doesn’t work with the SubD>Nurbs conversion… even this would be, at least, a pseudo-decent workaround.)

Will we have manual control over the SubD>Nurbs surfaces packing?

For us, even those 2 alone would be the “killer feature” … enough to buy 8.
But, on the opposite, there are no other new feature that push us to the purchase.

I have a lot of floating toolbars spread around.
I use the “Popup” one to keep my most used commands, and I can re-call it and re-locating it (by dragging it a bit) at any given time. Super!
2022-11-24 18_10_39-Untitled - Rhino 7 Commerciale

2022-11-24 18_10_50-Untitled - Rhino WIP
Why the double frame? This waste a lot of space on screen.
Is this a problem on my side? All the WIP UI seems to eat more space than in V7 :(
Pressing the mouse wheel give me that wider version of Popup which I can’t drag or re-locate or anchor. (and its sub-menus open up too fast, imho)
There is a way to disable this and have it like in V7?

Scrolling the wheel over a menu which contains dropdown elements, would randomly stop scrolling the menu and start to change the values inside the dropdown menu.
This is from any Rhino version I can remember, but I can’t see it as a feature, feels counter-productive 99.9% of the times.
Most common case, for me, the print panel:
I’m only scrolling the mouse wheel here.
print scroll
… I end up messing almost any setting of that panel.
Can we have this fixed once for all?
(like completely disabling scroll over dropdown elements…)

This happens also in the object properties inside the Properties panel, over the last edited element (color, linetype, etc) … this didn’t happen in V7.

Anyway, my biggest concern is about SubD curvature, if to update to V8 or not.


I was thinking about curvature on subd just yesterday and went to youtrack where it state that’s postponed to version 8.x.

I agree, logged as RH-71568 Single toolbar dragged on canvas container name should be removed

I’ve added your vote here RH-58162 SubD - add ability to see curvature graph while editing

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I logged a few issues regarding the popup here: RH-71569 Popup Toolbar size and behavior


logged as RH-71570 mouse scroll over print menu invokes dropdowns
edit: I will make separate reports for the other places where this happens


I’ve logged this here RH-71571 Scrolling over Object Properties that have a dropdown make it catch focus

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First of all, thanks for taking the time to report these issues! May I ask you a favor for next time to make separate threads for each bug? This makes it cleaner, since all bugs get linked to a separate thread.

Can you add 12 more votes here. That’s how many people/licenses we have at our team and we all need this badly. We are using SubD for production surfaces extensively here and we would love to have a smoother (pun intended) workflow for it.





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And of course my vote as well. I’m asking it since the wip 7 !

@skysurfer Can you point me to the thread where you asked this, then I can add that, thanks

This is a common issue for us as well, as we control our lasercutter from the print dialog and the scaling is one of the most common things going wrong due to the scrolling problem.

I believe I reported this happening in the print dialog awhile back, so there may be another you track item for this as well…

thanks, I searched a bit but couldn’t find it, but let me know if you do.


This happens since Rhino 5, at least (I just tried).
As @Helvetosaur said, this was already logged under RH-69699.

This one, instead, is new and unique for WIP/8.

Anyway, we can learn to work around those minor bug, you can schedule them for Rhino 10.x , imho.

Curvature graph? I can extract SubD edges with history=on and work with that, at least.

What I can not work around is the lack of curvature analysis for SubD. That should have been in 7.0 :confused:
Even history working with SubD>Nurbs conversion would be a decent solution (even though proper analysys / faster would be appreciated).

this is already on the list as RH-50501 Curvature analysis support for SubD srfs is needed

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Hi @Gijs, all, I agree with Riccardo here: Curvature analysis is much more important than curvature graph, if pushed to prioritize one over the other.




As far as I can see this is something that is being worked on.

There is another thread on the new Popup toolbar here.

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