Winform tools?

How did this land in my “Display” tab ?
Is it an alternative to Human UI ?

Can’t wait to try this out !

must be from Aviary plugin

More exactly, I think it’s from Parrot , from the same author.
I must be sleepwalking ; I don’t remember installing this one :slight_smile:

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ah i see. i thought parrot was merged to aviary.

Speaking of User interfaces, Is anybody else getting ETO-related issues with Human UI ?
With a Human UI window opened, I get crashes when I open ETO Rhino windows like “Attribute user text”, and sometimes, other panels remain blank…

Maybe if I use Parrot instead, I won’t get these problems since it’s based on WinForm, not ETO…

EDIT : problem solved ; the “Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.dll” library provided by Human UI was incorrectly used by Rhino for displaying some interface elements.