Wine leaf modeling


Hope someone can give me advice on how to model a grape wine leaf, ( from a bitmap ).
I can handle normal solid bodies, but I have to model a leaf and a bunch of grapes.
With the grapes is OK somehow, but I have no idea how to model a leaf.
Any help or existing tutorial would be great.
Thank you in advance.

You could try to model it flat and then deform it with a cage edit.

For best feedback, post the bitmap and the 3dm file with the model as far as you have come.

Thank you for your reply.
In the attached file I have the leave.

I have tried Heightfield from image, but I don’t know how to get further.
You mean to extrude a closed curve and edit with cage edit?
Thank you.

What is the purpose of the 3D model? Visualization only or production?
If visualization, will you be getting in very close? Have you tried using the leaf bitmap as a texture? Bump mapping?

I have a small CNC router.
This is a project.
Actually I’m looking to tutorials to learn modeling, to be able to create lts files for CNC.
Bitmap mapping?
Got to look for it.
I have tried cage edit, is OK, only the surface is flat, without texture.
Thank you.

If (and I guess it will) your CNC router processor can use meshes as input, you could use a bump (or normal) map to make the texture in 3D and then extract the mesh.

Hi Lack,

A possible route is to convert the image into a displacement/normal map.
This type of image will translate an image into a new bitmap with height/slope information.

I converted your image online via:

In Rhino the images can be applied as a displacement with the command “ApplyDisplacement”.

This results in the model below:

As you can see the resolution of the image is visible as blocked steps in the height. So you will need a high resolution input and a lot of memory to make a mesh this detailed.



Great :slight_smile:
Thank you Willem, it is great.
It will be a nice project and you helped a lot.
As I see Rhino is great to model these kind of jobs.
All the best, and thank you again for your help.