Windows from curves

Creating Window from curve doesn’t fit the curve

The curve is blue and and window is Purple

Post the gh. file. Its always easier to see what the problem is.

you can test it with any rectangular curve and you sill see the bottom GAP between the Crv and the Window

Works for me.

Since there are several steps ot sure where it wet wrong for you.
I am wondering if you try it again but this time when the "windows style wizard " gets to standard sizes. Measurs your profile again with those rulers on the right of the dimentions. One at a time.
Not sure if this helps. If not you can ask @fsalla or @enric

best of luck

Hi @huss191998,

Ca you please share a sample 3DM file?

From the screenshot, it seems like the window style has a “not visible” sill component. The component visibility may be changed to “Hidden”, or its layer is off.


@enric @pretorius.sean It happens when using Rhino template, Visualarq template is Doesn’t have this problem
As I know it the same command " Va window from Curves" must have the same results!
VisualArq.3dm (223.9 KB)

Hi @huss191998, that window you are creating from a curve has a sill component that is not generated in the model because the window is not inserted in any wall. Sill components only show up when windows have a “host”. As soon as you insert that window in a wall, the sill will show up. If you don’t want to see it, just create a new window style without the sill.