Issues to adapt surfaces to curves

Hi, i am working on the binnacle of a ship, and would like to make the window (in blue) following the 2 curves i drew.

i tried to decompose the shape to create it with sweep 2 rail, but juncture are not perfect. have a see on the following picture:

the best way to get this i think, is to adapt the existing shape to both curves. How to do that on rhino? does it exist a function ?




Hi Emile - can you post or send what you have to to my (Pascal) attention?


Hi, not sure i understand your message. do you want me i post my file on this topic ?

here it is VEHICULE 3 ROUE.3dm (17.6 MB)


By this way, if you check the file i posted, do you know good way to improve my blended edges (wings blended to ship, or exterior edges contour, i find my work too basic… and not enough resulted

thanks a lot !


Hi Emile - I see a couple of possible solutions (left and right in my file), but it will be difficult to keep the edge curve at the locations of the original - I’ve marked off some obvious places where there needs to be some change made.
VEHICULE 3 ROUE_Maybe.3dm (173.2 KB)
@emile_francois - updated to V5 file…


great. thanks for you help. could i know how you proceed to get this ? by the way, i m on rhino 5 and can’t open you file. thanks

Hi Emile - I uploaded a V5 version - is one of those solutions what you are after, more or less?
Here’s a quick look at a more ‘swoopy’ blend - is that what you have in mind?

VEHICULE 3 ROUE_Blend_Maybe.3dm (446.3 KB)


thanks for both exemple ! the windows is nice, and in fact, your blend are better than mine, could you please tell me how to do to edit a blend already done ? what radius did you use ? thanks a lot