Loft problem - one closed curve to multiple closed curves

Hey I’m somewhat still new to rhino and having trouble connecting the gap between one closed curve and two closed curves. I’ve tried building curve bridges for sweep 2 and blendsrf but nothing seems to work cleanly.

Any advise on how to tackle this accurately?

Here is the file if anyone can help.
2to1_loft.3dm (274.4 KB)

What is your design intent? In other words what do want the transition between the parts to look like?

Hey thanks for the reply, I would like it to look like an archway, something along these lines. Hopefully be able to replicate to more masses.

hey, would like it to look like an archway. I posted the picture below

Hi Zusha - this can certainly be done with surfaces, but depending on the desired use, the result may be a lot simpler and more tractable and editable if you make this type of branching shape from SubD.